Jun 042010

Democratic Senatorial Candidate Charlie Melancon has been a vocal critic of BP’s role in the catastrophe happening in our Gulf.  Charlie’s campaign has put together a video as part of their “pink slip for Tony Hayward” petition.  Well worth your time to view.
I Shall Not Be Moved

May 302010

This Newsweek article from May 26th states that there is mounting evidence that BP and the Coast Guard are restricting press access to the spill site and surrounding areas.

According to the article, Since May 11, “…private aircraft must get permission from BP’s command center to fly over a huge portion of the Gulf of Mexico encompassing not just the growing slick in the Gulf, but the entire Louisiana coastline, where oil is washing ashore.”

Because if nobody knows what’s going on, then everything is fine.

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May 172010

Lisa Margonelli, the author of Oil On the Brain: Petroleum’s Long Strange Trip to Your Tank has written a startling piece for The Atlantic, “The End of Magical Oil.”  Fun facts:

  • Between 1995 and 2004, deepwater production grew by 535%.
  • By 2008, 25 to 30 percent of the reservoirs in the Gulf had pressure issues, which MMS and industry were trying to figure out.
  • Since 1997, MMS has issued only one notice on deepwater blowout preventer inspections.
  • Deepwater production was projected to jump to 2.1 million barrels a day by 2016.

Read the whole article.  It’s disturbing and frustrating.

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May 162010

If you haven’t seen the President’s May 14 speech about the continuing situation in the Gulf of Mexico, check out this video at  President Obama outlines his administration’s priorities for the efforts being made:

  1. Stop the leak
  2. Contain the spill and protect the coast.
  3. Mitigate the economic repercussions, making sure that BP and not the taxpayers pay for this.
  4. Ensure that this never happens again.

As of this evening, BP seems to have a stop-gap measure in place to check the flow, but at the same time plumes of oil are heading for the Florida Keys and we could be staring at the beginnings of a disaster that will take decades to recover from.

Tip of the hat to Steven Walker of Organizing for America for the link.

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May 152010

Tonight’s the night!. Come to The Good Earth Market and Cafe on Girod Street in Mandeville from 5-8 pm. For only $10 per person you get great food music and fun — and all proceeds benefit the St. Francis Animal Sanctuary, whose Thrift Store was gutted in a fire in April.

St. Francis is the largest no-kill dog and cat sanctuary in the southeast United States. At their sprawling grounds in Tylertown, Miss., they house on a regular basis upward to 450 dogs and hundreds of cats in modern, state of the art facilities. They offer dogs and cats for adoption but those they don’t get adopted are not put to sleep but rather feed and care for, allowed to die a dignified natural death.

Food will be provided free with $10 admission by Good Earth Market &  Cafe; The Lakehouse Restaurant; Vianne’s Tea Salon & Cafe; Tess Dennie, Realtor/Sterling ERA Properties; and Dr. Catherine Wilbert of The Nutrition Company.  Music will be provided by The Old Mandeville All-Stars featuring the  legendary Blind Satsuma Conner on blues harp, singer, songwriter, jewelry maker Dyane Mitchell, and The Damn Hippies band.  Kristie Wright, owner of Our Place workout studio in Covington, is  donating for beverages:  Abita Amber Beer, red and white wine and water.

The benefit is being sponsored by the Old Mandeville Business  Association and is produced by Paul Williamson, owner of Good Earth, and Richard Boyd, an officer/board member with the business association. Christian Serpas,  leader of the popular  band Ghost Town,. will  serve as celebrity master of ceremonies.
This is a wonderful organization and a great and fun way to help them.
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