Oct 102014
Blue Dat Festival
Abita Springs Trailhead 12-5 p.m.
Food, music, speeches, kids’ activities, things to buy, fun to be had
NDWC working meeting
Cell phones, postcards, wine, snacks, socializing
Abita Springs Town Hall 3 p.m.
Mary Landrieu Women’s Luncheon, Hyatt Regency, 601 Loyola Ave., New Orleans11:30 a.m.-1p.m Tickets: $60 or $30 for “young women” http://www.marylandrieu.com/act/rsvp-for-an-upcoming-womens-luncheon
Election Day
Vote for Mary Landrieu
Fracking hearing
A public hearing on Helis Oil & Gas Co.’s controversial request for a permit to drill a well near Mandeville will be be held Friday Nov. 12 at Lakeshore High School, the state Department of Natural Resources said. The hearing will begin at 5 p.m. in the school gymnasium.
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Oct 072014

Get an early start on BlueDat Fest at the St. Tammany Parish Democratic Executive Committee’s  Breakfast Fundraiser featuring the dynamic Russel Honore of the Green Army. The event will be held at the Abita Quail Farm from 9-11 a.m. and proceeds will benefit the St. Tammany DPEC’s scholarship program for Leadership St. Tammany/Northshore. Ticket prices are $40 and can be purchased online at http://www.dems4change.org.

General Honore

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Jul 282013

Blue Ladies See a Play

From left to right, Liz Scott Monaghan (NDWC President), Beverley Musson, Eileen Breslin, and Nancy Lilly. They went to see “Love, Loss, and What I Wore,” by Nora and Delia Ephron on Sunday, July 28th at the recently reopened Le Petit Theatre de Vieux Carre in New Orleans.

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Jan 032012

By Liz Scott Monaghan

The Northshore Democratic Women’s Club presented a check for $2000 to the Mount Olive African Methodist Episcopal Church Feeding Ministry on Saturday Dec.10.

It was one of the highlights of an unusual event, a launching of the club’s “Cookbook for the Hungry,” which was created solely to benefit the hungry.

Women's club members and guests sample Sweet Potato Bread at launch party for the Club's "Cookbook for the Hungry"

The club has partnered with Mount Olive, and the ministry itself has sold 120 books and  already used those  profits to pay fuel and other bills, feeding ministry director Natasha Woods said.

One of the cookbook’s authors, Ann Porter of Slidell, explained that after the women’s club sponsored  a forum on hunger in St. Tammany Parish in January, club members brainstormed about they could do to help alleviate the problem. The result was the cookbook.

She noted that this isn’t an ordinary community cookbook. It was designed by professional book designer Tina Henderson of Lacombe; edited by humor writer Liz Scott Monaghan of Folsom, and includes good-natured political  pot shots as well as recipes from the club’s skilled cooks.  It also includes directions on planting a vegetable garden, filleting a fish, and a few tips on healthful eating.

The  book launch party,  titled “Hunger Bites” featured tasting of 18 recipes from the book, including several seafood dishes, salads, desserts  and a few  items with quirky names  such as “Undocumented Chili Dip,” “Black Bean and Corn Flip-Flop,”  “Heckuvajob Brownies,”  “Robocall Rice Salad,” and “Wing-Nut Oatmeal Cookies.”

The event’s organizers were Shannon Cockayne of Bush and Alex Wesley-Smith of Lacombe.

Cookbook Contributers and Event Organizers, First row, from left, Shannon Cockayne, Tina Henderson, Linda Hawkins, Dian McIlwain, Alex Wesley-Smith. Second row, from left; Janice Roussel, Joy Roussel, Susan Green, Gail Ledet, Ella Selmon, Ann Porter. Third row: Ann Kirkpatrick, Liz Scott Monaghan, and Nina Helfert.

Mount Olive Feeding Ministry, founded in 1986, currently serves and delivers 350 meals each day, six days per week, a total of nearly 90,000 meals a year. To purchase cookbooks, or to donate funds, contact the Mount Olive Feeding Ministry at 985.641.6026, or order them through OctaviaBooks.com or Amazon.com

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Jan 212011

On Sunday, January 16th, the Northshore Democratic Women’s Club sponsored a forum on the problem of hunger in St. Tammany Parish at Abita Springs Town Hall. The forum was organized by club member Kathy DelCarpio of Pearl River. Kathy led the guided conversation between members of the panel and the community. The conversation was both deep and broad, with a full hour devoted to the structured discussion followed by 45 minutes of questions and answers with the audience.  Over 80 people attended the forum.

Members of the panel were:

  • Dr. Tobey Pitman, ministry strategist for North Shore Baptist Associations.  The North Shore Baptist Associations work with 91 area Baptist churches.  One of Dr. Pitman’s roles is to help those churches with their service missions by helping them understand their communities and engage with them in solutions to the problem of hunger.
  • Ms. Ann Presley, St. Tammany Parish School Board Kids in Transition Program.  The Kids In Transition program works specifically with homeless children, include those in transitional housing, shelters, and “doubled up” with extended family.
  • Mr. John Tobin, St. Tammany Parish Health and Human Services.  The Department of Health and Human Services works with area organizations to identify resources and secure assistance through the private sector.
  • Rev. W.E. Thrasher, Mt. Olive AME Church Feeding Ministry.  The Mt. Olive Feeding Ministry feeds up to 300 people, six days a week, most of whom are shut-in.
Panel Members, Forum on the Problem of Hunger in St. Tammany Parish

Panel Members (L-R) Dr. Tobey Pitman, Ann Presley, Rev. W.E. Thrasher, Kathryne DelCarpio (moderator) and John Tobin

Over the next few days, this web site will post a series of articles summarizing the highlights of the forum.  Future club meetings will be devoted to identifying and implementing actions the club will take to work with organizations in the community to help out.

The St. Tammany News / Slidell Sentry reported on the event.

Panel says Hunger is an Issue in Parish

Jun 302010
A glimpse into the Washington, D.C. Bubble:

Gulf Voices) Non-Partisan Event, Washington, D.C.

June 16 & 17, 2010 

Linda Hawkins (NSDW Club member)

Clean Energy Works (CEW) sponsored an intense two-day “Gulf Voices Fly-In” in which I and over one hundred residents from the Gulf Coast traveled to Washington to present a message to gulf coast congressional officials and the media. We wanted to share our stories with various senators and the national media about the effects that the oil spill (gusher) is having on our lives, the local economy and the environment.

CEW is a coalition of organizations that includes The National Wildlife Federation, Environmental Defense Fund, Environment America, League of Conservation Voters, Sierra Club, The Audubon Society, The Alliance for Climate Protection and other groups working to pass clean energy and climate legislation in Congress this year.

The Message:”The Gulf Coast Oil Spill Disaster highlights the importance of developing a new approach to energy in America. While we hold BP accountable, Congress needs to act now to pass comprehensive energy and climate legislation that will cut our dependence on oil, create clean energy jobs and cuts dangerous pollution.”

Our group of residents from Louisiana (LA), Mississippi, Alabama and Florida shared their life experiences and future hopes. They represent a broad spectrum of individuals with a wide range of political and cultural orientations. We had training in dealing with the media and using lobbying approaches to our congressional officials through various speakers who provided education on the many topical issues.

We presented the senators and/or their staff with jars of oil filled water that had been captured from Grand Isle, LA during the previous week.While the majority of our experiences with the senators and/or their staff were very positive, our communications with our Senator David Vitter left many of us feeling disheartened. Although we had an appointment that he was aware of, he stated that he did not have time for us. This in and of itself would have not been a problem but the rest of the experience was troubling. When we arrived at his office we were not allowed in because they said that they had no room for us. We stood in the open hall and were sent to the open vestibule away from his office. A staff person was sent downstairs to meet with the LA delegation. The staffer was not prepared, took no notes and said that this area was not his focus. Therefore the encounter was disappointing to many in the delegation. Upon our return from D.C. four of us held a press conference at Sen. Vitter’s Metairie, LA office to request a meeting with him and once again ask him to support comprehensive clean energy legislation.

On the other end of the spectrum, Senator Mary Landrieu met with us in her office and provided us with a contact list of her Oil Spill Response Team. She outlined her goals for the immediate future and was supportive of clean energy legislation with a “bridge” to the future.


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Jun 042010

Democratic Senatorial Candidate Charlie Melancon has been a vocal critic of BP’s role in the catastrophe happening in our Gulf.  Charlie’s campaign has put together a video as part of their “pink slip for Tony Hayward” petition.  Well worth your time to view.
I Shall Not Be Moved