Oct 072010

Two NDWC (Northshore Democrat Women’s Club) hopped a plane to D.C. for the One Nation Working Together Rally, October 2, 2010, Washington D.C. The Rally drew an estimated 175-200k diverse people from all walks of life. While over 400 organizations and partners participated (see listing at www.onenationworkingtogether.org/partners ) many of us traveled to the Rally independently of any formal group because we believed the event was important to witness first hand. Susan Blalock and Linda Hawkins (NDWC members) decided that they were going to be apart of this very important day. Yes, we were correct, as noted at www.bluevirgina.us ,”it was overwhelmingly positive, peaceful diverse and upbeat” and inspiring to us all. The Rally was a success and the point of the “One Nation” was to show that progressives, too, are prepared to rally to their causes…the attendance numbers show that as 200 thousand progressives stood in Washington and told all of America that we count, too.” If you or any other members you know attended this rally, please send in comments and photos.


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