Oct 232012

RootsCampLA is Louisiana’s annual progressive organizers’ retreat. It is an opportunity for activists across the state to come together and reflect on successes and failures, as well as train and plan for future endeavors. RootsCamp is an incubator for fresh ideas, lively discussion and, most importantly, action-driven learning among very diverse groups of passionate progressive activists.

RootsCamp is a dynamic participant-led event. That means you offer your expertise in knowledge and skills, you contribute to “The Wall” of ideas, and together we complete the agenda. You may come to learn, make new friends of like minds, or build activist relationships. Whatever your niche, your participation and contributions help determine how we move forward in Louisiana.

RootsCampLA will be held March 1-2 in Baton Rouge.  Click here for more information: https://sites.google.com/a/neworganizing.com/rootscamp-la/home?pli=1.




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