May 192013

Equality Louisiana needs us to support this important bill.

HB 646: The Safe and Successful Students Act
Summary of Bill Contents

Insures that teachers and principals have the tools and support necessary to maintain safe and academically sound learning environments.

Reinforces a teacher’s right to have an orderly classroom by providing clear guidelines for the removal of students from class and disciplinary measures that can be imposed before students return.

Requires restorative practices and similar measures when practical in response to disciplinary incidents, which research shows contribute to positive school climates, reduced frequency of serious infractions, and higher academic achievement.

Provides clear guidelines for the appropriate use of in-school suspension, out-of-school suspension, and expulsion as responses to serious disciplinary incidents.

Permits principals to require students be educated off-campus pending expulsion hearings if major safety concerns exist.

Establishes clear timelines for conducting expulsion hearings, provides due process and representation for both students and teachers as part of the expulsion process.

Requires sensible professional development for school employees on bullying prevention, including information about specific dynamics of student and bullying interactions at the school site and training in best practices for interventions.

Allows students to be interviewed as part of bullying investigations even if parents cannot be contacted; provides that principals may refrain from notifying parents if such notification may result in harm to a student; requires that if parents are not present at a bullying-related interview, an adult neutral party must attend for the safety and protection of all involved.

HB 646 was developed in collaboration with the following organizations, listed right, which represent significant expertise in discipline, classroom management and school climate:

Louisiana Association of Educators
Louisiana Association of Public Charter Schools
Louisiana Department of Education
Louisiana Federation of Teachers
Louisiana School Counselors Association

HB 646 passed the House Education Committee without objection. Equality Louisiana appreciates your support for safe schools for all Louisiana’s students!

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