Oct 102014
Blue Dat Festival
Abita Springs Trailhead 12-5 p.m.
Food, music, speeches, kids’ activities, things to buy, fun to be had
NDWC working meeting
Cell phones, postcards, wine, snacks, socializing
Abita Springs Town Hall 3 p.m.
Mary Landrieu Women’s Luncheon, Hyatt Regency, 601 Loyola Ave., New Orleans11:30 a.m.-1p.m Tickets: $60 or $30 for “young women” http://www.marylandrieu.com/act/rsvp-for-an-upcoming-womens-luncheon
Election Day
Vote for Mary Landrieu
Fracking hearing
A public hearing on Helis Oil & Gas Co.’s controversial request for a permit to drill a well near Mandeville will be be held Friday Nov. 12 at Lakeshore High School, the state Department of Natural Resources said. The hearing will begin at 5 p.m. in the school gymnasium.
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