Feb 152016

Welcome to the Real World. On Saturday, the State Legislative Committee heard the Governor’s budget for 2016-2017

The governor has proposed a number of changes to address a $950 million dollar deficit in this year’s budget. He’s received a lot of pushback in social media and from the legislators whose complicity with Bobby Jindal’s budget shenanigans got us in this mess in the first place.

On Saturday, Secretary of Administration Jay Dardenne presented the budget to the legislature’s Joint Legislative Committee on the Budget. It is based on the assumption that the legislature will not implement any of the governor’s proposed budget changes for the 2015-2016 budget year. To maintain current funding will require just over $10 billion dollars. We are $2 billion short.

To come up with that $2 billion, the governor cut 24 percent from the departments of Higher Education, Health and Hospitals, Corrections, and the legislative and judicial branches of government. Every remaining agency and department, including Child and Family Services, Juvenile Justice, Natural Resources and the executive branch, among others, was cut 63 percent.

Here is a link to a document with the information Secretary Dardenne presented to the committee yesterday.

2015-2016 Budget revisions and the 2016-2017 Executive Budget

Here is a link to the actual hearing. It’s over three and a half hours long, but if you have the time to spend, you will learn a lot:

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