Jan 282014

Senator Mary Landrieu has a petition calling on Gov. Bobby Jindal to take the Medicaid Expansion money.  Senator Landrieu says:

Our governor may not like the president, but this is not about the president. It’s about providing health coverage for 240,000 Louisianians who work 40 or 50 hours a week, but still make too little to qualify for assistance in the new marketplace — and too much to qualify for Louisiana’s current Medicaid.

The Supreme Court ruling that allowed states to “opt out” of Medicaid expansion put our most vulnerable citizens at risk. It threw them into a gap in the law that was supposed to provide them with the insurance they need. Bobby Jindal’s politically-motivated refusal to accept the money weakens our state and puts lives at risk.  Thank you, Senator, for standing up for Louisiana’s working poor.

Sign her petition here.

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Oct 102013
Club member, Ann Porter, forwarded some great ideas from NewOrganizing.com about how to get women to run for office and how to support them once they’ve made the decision to run.

Ask a woman to run for local office. Here’s how:

  • Make the ask . . . more than once. After asking sincerely in person at least once, be creative — maybe send a singing telegram, or write it on a cake, or put it on a billboard that she passes regularly. However you need to do it, just get it done.
  • Help her make inroads with a local political party. Local party support is often key to getting elected even at the local level, so offer to be her wing-person when she goes to local party events and meetings, and introduce her to relevant people you may know.
  • Support her as she runs for local office. Knock on doors, host a fundraiser, get everyone you know to vote for her for county council/school board/water commission.
  • Help her succeed. When the zoning board meetings run late into the night, offer to help with any personal needs she might have, from errands to pet care to family stuff.
  • Encourage her to pursue higher office. After she’s done such a great job as a local elected official, chances are that you won’t be the only one pushing her to run for state legislature or Congress.
  • Repeat steps one through five until we have gender parity and then some in congress.
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Sep 192013


St Tammany Democrats are hosting a fundraiser for gubernatorial candidate – John Bel Edwards – on Friday Oct 18th, 6-9 pm, at Patton’s in Slidell.  Follow link below to purchase tickets and for more information. Once you purchase your tickets and click submit, you will be sent a confirmation email.  The purchase price includes a catered menu. Cash bar extra.


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